The Byraelian Language: Creation

When laying down the groundwork for the world for Not Gods But Monsters, I had to take into consideration a number of elements that we take for granted and how they came to exist. Before any element--even one seemingly ancillary like the calendar--could be fleshed out, I found I had to develop the ancient Byraelian alphabet on which many of these elements hinged.

The Music of Not Gods... Chapters 01 and 02

As a part of the experience for creating Not Gods But Monsters, I spent time developing a "soundtrack" for each chapter, based on music that I felt best embodied the mood and themes of the chapter's content. The genres range from metal to techno to experimental and even elements of jazz and blues-influenced rock. Sometimes, the songs themselves were not representative of the musical act's body of work, but the mental images created while listening to the piece. 

Available Now: Not Gods But Monsters

Author Joshua Banker announces the release of his first full-length work, Not Gods But Monsters. Banker's first foray into speculative fiction contains elements of science-fiction, horror and fantasy, and is at once a quest tale, a coming-of-age story, and a reflection on a society and culture that might look a little like our own. Richly-drawn characters and an intricately-built world make Not Gods But Monsters both a thrilling and a thought-provoking read.