Not Gods But Monsters eBook to have expanded distribution

Catchy title, right? The kind that explains it all so succinctly.

Using Smashwords, I've submitted the eBook version of Not Gods But Monsters to be available to a growing distribution of retailers, including Kobo, Scribd and Apple. The title should start showing up on theses retailers' websites over the next couple days.

What it actually means

Originally, all of my eBooks were published through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing for Amazon's marketplace. Because of this, each of the titles were enrolled in KDP Select, a program that keeps the eBooks exclusive to Amazon.

What about your other books?

As they come off off of KDP Select over the next few months, they will also be added to Smashwords for expanded distribution.

And the trade paperback version?

Plain and simple: I will do the same if I find a decent distribution platform for the print version. The combination of KDP and Smashwords makes digital distribution relatively easy. For print though, I've only had the same ease-of-use with Createspace. Once I find a proper alternative, I will begin the process of transition. 

And future releases?

Depending on feedback, I will see whether its feasible to do same-day or staggered releases. It is my intent to have all future releases on these platforms eventually.

If you have any questions or feedback on this, please feel free to contact me.