A Prison of Flesh

Free Books During the 11th Annual Smashwords July Summer/Winter Sale

To quote Smashwords’ own press: “It's summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern Hemisphere. That means it's time for our biggest ebook sale of the year!”

So, let’s celebrate the 11th Annual Smashwords July Summer/Winter Sale by making the eBook versions of Not Gods But Monsters , A Prison of Flesh and The Fifth Era of Man free to purchase.

Digital Sketchbook: Various

Digital Sketchbook: Various

For those of you following my Instagram account, you probably know I recently purchased Wacom Intuos tablet/pen in an attempt to work on more digital pieces. As someone whose spent multiple decades as an exclusively-physical media person, this took time, like relearning how to walk. In that time, I've pulled together a handful of various character and creature sketches.

The Music of A Prison of Flesh (Part 2)

Unlike Book 1, where I tried to give each chapter its own playlist, I trimmed down the number of playlists to six. As stated in Part 1, this was because A Prison of Flesh did far less jet-setting. In fact, except for the first two chapters, large portions of the story are spread across multiple chapters. The first two lists here cover major portions of the story.