Available Now: The Killing Kind

Author Joshua Banker announces the release of his fourth full-length work, The Killing Kind. Banker’s prequel to Not Gods But Monsters is a speculative fiction novel which blends elements of science-fiction and diesel-punk fantasy to tell a story about the root causes of war and their impacts on those forced to live in the midst of an ongoing conflict. The tale serves as both a history lesson for those familiar with the series and as a starting point for readers new to the Realm of Tah’afajien.

Available Now: The Fifth Era of Man

Author Joshua Banker announces the release of his third full-length work, The Fifth Era of Man. Banker's first stand-alone novel is a speculative fiction adventure that blends in elements of science-fiction and noir to tell a story that examines the dangers of unearned achievements and the desperation that drives those who are prey to their own bad decisions.