The Music of Not Gods... Chapters 01 and 02

As a part of the experience for creating Not Gods But Monsters, I spent time developing a "soundtrack" for each chapter, based on music that I felt best embodied the mood and themes of the chapter's content. The genres range from metal to techno to experimental and even elements of jazz and blues-influenced rock. Sometimes, the songs themselves were not representative of the musical act's body of work, but the mental images created while listening to the piece. 

Often, with headphones on as a form of sensory-deprivation, I would leave the playlist running on a loop as I wrote.

Comments on Chapter 01:

Chapter 01 is set in a rural locale, and as such, I went with more instrumental tracks, a number of which feel stripped-down with acoustic elements. Both Sepultura tracks are very unlike the bulk of the Brazilian metal band's usual catalog. 

Sepultura - Kaiowas
From the album Chaos A.D.
Sepultura - Jasco
From the album Roots
Soulfly - Soulfly
From the album Soulfly
Roni Size/Reprazent - Ballet Dance
From the album New Forms
Mogwai - Year 2000 Non-Compliant Cardia
From the album Come On Die Young
Praful - One Day Deep
From the album One Day Deep
Dead Can Dance - Saltarello
Dead Can Dance - Ullyses
Dead Can Dance - Cantara
From the album A Passage In Time

Comments on Chapter 02:

The musical choices for Chapter 02 serve two purposes: to set up the mood for Zed and to establish a theme for the city of Chancel. I went with a bit of Thought Industry to open, if only for the fact that I always felt they performed with an eclectic mixture of melancholy and alcohol-fueled exuberance.  With the Nine Inch Nails and Cop Shoot Cop tracks, I wanted to create a mood of gritty industrialism that establishes the fact that Chancel is a more modern city.

Thought Industry - The Squid
Thought Industry - D.I.Y. Tranquilizers
From the album Outer Space is Just a Martini Away
Thought Industry - My Famous Mistake
Thought Industry - December 10th
From the album: Black Umbrella
Portishead - Strangers
From the album Dummy
Nine Inch Nails - Vessel
From the album Year Zero
Nine Inch Nails - Vessel (Bill Laswell)
From the album Y34RZ3r0r3mix3d
Cop Shoot Cop - Room 429
From the album Ask Questions Later