The Music of Not Gods... Chapters 03 and 04

As a continuation of this series, let's look at Chapters 03 and 04.

Comments on Chapter 03:

Another chapter where the playlist tries to cover both establishing a mood for the character (Flynn) and a location (Palicosta). Many of the tracks are either progressive rock/metal (Thought Industry, Cynic, Gorija) or ambient dub/industrial. My one regret is that I had not yet discovered Fever Ray's debut album, which would have been perfect for Palicosta. Those who have seen History Channel's Vikings will understand as "If I Had a Heart" is used in the show's opening credits.

Gelatin - Thought Industry
From the album Mods Carve the Pig: Assassins, Toads and God's Flesh  
Oman - Bill Laswell
Turf War - Bill Laswell
Oum El Bouaghi - Bill Laswell    
From the album Film Tracks 2000*
Nunc Fluens - Cynic
The Space For This - Cynic
Evolutionary Sleeper - Cynic
King Of Those Who Know - Cynic    
From the album Traced in Air
The Last Forest - The Blood of Heroes
From the album The Waking Nightmare
Angel Of Air - Santana
A Love Supreme - Santana
From the album Divine Light*
Born In Winter - Gojira
From the album L'enfant Sauvage

* These albums are not on Spotify. If you're curious about the songs, please check out the links or search for them on Amazon or iTunes.

Comments on Chapter 04:

Chapter 04 is a mixture of jazz-influenced tracks and darker, grittier techno/industrial that best frames the mood of the metropolis of Trone Stenan. I found the jazz/blues-styled rock of Morphine was a perfect fit for Zane Grymore.

Potion - Morphine
Wishing Well - Morphine
Like Swimming - Morphine
From the album Like Swimming*
Jazz - Roni Size/Reprazent
From the album New Forms (Disc 2)
Heart To Heart - Roni Size/Reprazent
From the album New Forms²
Singing The Blues - Tricky
From the album Angels With Dirty Faces
Cannibal Song - Ministry
From the album The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste
Seduce & Destroy - Otep
From the album Hydra   

* This album is not on Spotify. If you're curious about the song, please check out the link or search for it on Amazon or iTunes.