The Art of APOF: Jehn and Hollistier

To complete the four-piece series of character illustrations for A Prison of Flesh, we have Jehn Brumal and Hollistier Thabies.

Part one of this set is here.

" 'So good you could make it. Hope the trip wasn’t too bad,' Zoe replied as the two women separated. Jehn shrugged. Zoe gave Jehn an examination before taking a step backwards. 'You’ve let it grow some,' Zoe noted as she pointed out Jehn’s hair, which now hung below her shoulders.
Jehn cast a quick glance to the reddish-brown locks on her left before looking up. 'I had it cut a while back, but with the cold, I decided to let it grow out. At least for a while. Probably will get it trimmed again once the weather warms up.' "

-- A Prison of Flesh, Ch. 3

Character Illustration: Jehn Brumal

Ink and metallic marker on paper.

Here we see an older Jehn, who has let her hair grow. While she is still young at this point in the series, she is more world weary.

"The taller and younger of the two was a middle-aged gentleman, who sported long brown hair with a scattering of white strands, many of which were near his temples. Most of the locks had been pulled back and fastidiously tucked behind both ears. The lanky man had a caramel complexion and was dressed in a long-sleeved silk shirt adorned with colorful embroidery around the collar and at the ends of both sleeves."

-- A Prison of Flesh, Ch. 7

Character Illustration: Hollistier Thabies

Ink and metallic marker on paper.

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