The Art of APOF: Corella and Brigant

Much like what was created for Not Gods But Monsters, I put together a series of character illustrations for a few of the major players in A Prison of Flesh. This time around, though, I did add an extra touch of color to set these apart from the original works (1, 2, 3).

"Even though she hadn’t seen him in months, Corella didn’t appear to have changed much. His dark skin was red along his cheeks and the bridge of his thick nose. A curly tangle of black hair now hung down to his shoulders and his dense beard looked as though he hadn’t tended to it in some time. There was still a sparkle in his blue eyes, reassuring Zoe that her friend was in good spirits."

-- A Prison of Flesh, Ch. 7

Character Illustration: Corella Seawise

Ink and metallic marker on paper.

"Standing in the doorway on their left was a sizeable man, broad shouldered with a jawline like a block of granite. A mop of sandy blond hair was brushed back, away from the thick ridge of a brow that hung over his blue eyes. His ruddy cheeks were wide and creased from years out in the sun. Bushy, blond sideburns framed the sides of his face, ending sharply at the hard line of his jaw. Draped across his shoulders was a red wool longcoat with navy lapels and two rows of pewter buttons down the length of one side."

-- A Prison of Flesh, Ch. 5

Character Illustration: Charles Brigant

Ink and metallic marker on paper.

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