The Art of NGBM: Flynn Earrele

In the development of not only the story of Not Gods But Monsters, but for the world building necessary for future sequels, I spent some time fleshing out the individuals in a visual medium. Below are a pair of illustrations done for the character Flynn Earrele. As you can see, there is as a bit of Peter O'Toole and Cary Elwes in the face.

"The wind blew up from the shore, mussing the longer strands of sandy blond hair that fell across his flat forehead. The shorter hair that spanned from the temple to the nape looked as though he had cut it himself haphazardly. As the early season advanced, the daytime sun would bleach his hair and tone his normally fair skin with a golden redness. Cold blue eyes focused on a point past the docks to where the sky met the Great Sea. In just hours, he knew that view would be obstructed with the departing fishing vessels. A three o’clock shadow of flaxen stubble set upon his jaw and protruding chin."

-- Not Gods But Monsters, Ch. 3

Raw Sketch: Flynn

Digital sketch
Created in Autodesk Sketchbook for Android

The above RAW SKETCH is actually a test at working in a purely digital format. As an "old fuddy duddy" who went to school for traditional media (oil, watercolor, charcoal), I've been largely resistant to working in anything other than paint and pencils on paper. As such, I toyed around with Autodesk's Sketchbook for Android Tablets. Perhaps with enough time spent in the program I might be convinced to purchase a Wacom for PC.

Character Illustration: Flynn Earrele

Ink and metallic marker on paper.

The above CHARACTER ILLUSTRATION is part of a series of similarly-style pieces that focus on one character in a limited color palette done with metallic markers. These are done as an evolution of any earlier series of illustrations done at the time of the story's original creation.

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