The Art of NGBM: Zoe and Callie

As with the earlier illustration posted of Flynn, the following pieces for Zoe Agilis and Callie Evans are part of a stylized series of drawings done as visual representations of the major players for Not Gods But Monsters.

Of the protagonists, Zoe and Callie are the only ones who possessed well-established gear as detailed in the story. This was taken into consideration when drawing both.

"Standing with one shoulder leaning against the doorframe was a well-toned, olive-skinned woman, appraising Zed with her hazel eyes. A small smile of familiarity showed on her blushed lips, curling in the corners of her mouth. Providing evidence that her maternal grandmother was not of Azzottian descent, her black hair hung down over her shoulders to just below her collarbone, straight as an arrow instead of in a tangle of curls. She was dressed in polished black boots, cargo pants, and a black three-button suit vest, closed tightly over a gray undershirt. On both wrists, she wore armbands made of oiled black leather."

-- Not Gods But Monsters, Ch. 2

Character Illustration: Zoe Agilis

Ink and metallic marker on paper.

In retrospect, giving Zoe a third pistol might be a bit excessive. Between that and the lack of feet, I feel a little like Rob Liefeld.

"Evans stood only centimeters shorter than Zoe, with blonde hair that hung down below her shoulders, but layered up to jaw-length around her face for comfort. Her well-bronzed cheeks and slender nose were radiant, catching the afternoon light. Deep blue eyes sat under curved brows, adorned with thick light brown eyebrows."

-- Not Gods But Monsters, Ch. 6

Character Illustration: Callie Evans

Ink and metallic marker on paper.

Callie's hair should probably be longer. I also envision it with more curls. 

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