The Art of TKK: Callie and Ceosan

Part two of the series for The Killing Kind. This pairing features a younger Callie Evans (around 14 during this story) and the Moa’rehnzan despot, Carolus Res Ceosan.

Fun fact: Much like the blue highlights found in the illustrations for A Prison of Flesh, the green color was supposed to tie in with color scheme of the book cover. The change to bronze was made well after this series was completed.

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" Hair that had been curly and blonde was now knotted and caked with grime. She was diminutive, but to Zed, everyone seemed small. In light of her frail appearance, he had to wonder how long it had been since she’d last eaten. That she was alive at all seemed like a miracle."

-- The Killing Kind, Ch. 13

Character Illustration: Callie Evans

Ink and metallic marker on paper.

" Painted across the flat surface was a mural that, by intent of the artist, dwarfed them. The brightly-hued artwork was a portrait of Carolus Res Ceosan, dressed in a pristine white suit as he stood in a regal pose with one hand on his chest. His shoulders were arched backwards and his round chin jutted forward. His gaze was pointed upwards and away from the viewer.”

-- The Killing Kind, Ch. 21

Character Illustration: Carolus Res Ceosan

Ink and metallic marker on paper.

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