The Art of TKK: O'mas and Zonda

As with the earlier entries in the series, I worked up a series of character sketches on prominent characters in The Killing Kind. Much like A Prison of Flesh, this series is a set of four, with a limited color palette. Just like the blue used for APOF, this set features green as a major identifying color. Below are the first two in the series.

"The stubble along his jawline proved poor buffer to the sharp cold that dulled the feeling in his bare skin. As he scratched the thinning patch of hair atop his head and sat upright, he deciphered the cause for the raucous exchange."

-- The Killing Kind, Ch. 1

Character Illustration: Marianus O’mas

Ink and metallic marker on paper.

"Standing beneath a red-and-green wooden sign over the building’s entrance was a lone man. Dressed in a khaki longcoat, he had sunken features and weathered, ruddy skin that had seen a few too many years under the sun. Beneath a wide-brimmed leather hat was a mop of thin black hair which hung just above his shoulders."

-- The Killing Kind, Ch. 8

Character Illustration: Zonda Carlbaho

Ink and metallic marker on paper.

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