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What happens when an expedition into the unknown is forced on a perilous course to satiate the dire ambitions of its leader?

Author Joshua Banker releases second novel

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Author Joshua Banker announces the release of his second full-length work, A Prison of Flesh. Banker's follow-up is a speculative fiction novel that blends elements of science-fiction, fantasy and horror to tell a story about coping with loss and personal growth in the face of unknown danger. Underlying themes include the impacts of bigotry on perception and the folly of decisions made out of misguided guilt.

The world will never be the same for Jehn Brumal. She has lost friends, family and even her home village. To make matters worse, she is one of a handful who knows the truth about the destruction of Trone Stenan; that a Byrael, one of a pantheon of gods credited with creating the world, banished for being "corrupted," was buried beneath the city. Even though the goliath was eventually defeated, the victory came at a steep cost.

Months later, Jehn struggles to acclimate to her new life as a student. On a seasonal break, she visits her friend and former mercenary, Zoe Agilis, in Siracosta. It is there that they receive an unexpected guest: First Mate Collin Bryce of the Aergaeu who has been dispatched by his captain, Corella Seawise. He comes to them with a harrowing tale and a plea for aid. On their expedition to map the Great Sea, the crew uncovers an ancient ruin beneath the blackened island of Valkenistri and now they are dire need of mercenaries for protection.

It is in the seemingly-abandoned subterranean city where they discover a shrine to Eusen Sinie, the first of the Byrael. Seated within the throne room is a mysterious crowned man of stone that proves far more dangerous than the beasts that hounded their arrival. 

In A Prison of Flesh, the sequel to Not Gods But Monsters, Jehn and Zoe must discover what resides in the heart of Valkenistri and also manage to survive it.

Banker’s goal is to build on the groundwork of the first book as the characters and narrative scope expand the richly-developed world-view while cultivating the story’s own uniqueness. He says, "I worked to fashion a sequel that, while expanding upon the original’s scope, did not attempt to recreate the same experience. A Prison of Flesh is, by intent, a smaller story, focused of the actions of the major characters and their supporting cast."

About the Author

Joshua Banker was born in Greece in 1973. He grew up in the San Francisco area before moving to Chattanooga where he attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and received a BFA in Graphic Design. After moving to Charlotte, NC, he ran an independent entertainment review website from 1999-2006. Now living in Greenville, NC, his day job is graphic designer and analyst for a Fortune 100 company. Josh is a writer, painter and illustrator, loves all things H.P. Lovecraft, is married and has two cats and a dog.

Publication Details

September 19, 2017
Trade Paperback ISBN 1975960424 - CreateSpace $11.99 USA

Trade Paperback ISBN 1975960424 - Amazon $11.99 USA

Kindle eBook $4.99 USA