Maps of Tah'afajien

As a part of the world-building process that went into laying down the proper groundwork for a multiple-volume book series set in a believable world, I created a maps of the major cities/villages and topographical features for Not Gods But Monsters and its future sequels. This allows for believable references to locales that the story might not take the reader until later books.

While the events of Book 1 take place in the nations of Verenigen and Tir, there are clear references to other locations.

Below links for the Exhibits open the gallery in a new tab.

Notes: Of course this is not to scale. The distance between Verenigen and the islands to the east would, of course, be greater. I just didn't want to have the map be 50% open sea. Also, I chose not to show the Northern Wastes yet.

Exhibit 1: Verenigen and Tir

Notes: Marhalli Isle is definitely not as big as it is represented here. This was done to show more details of the location. It's position relative to the others is correct. Also, in retrospect, there probably should be more islands along Verenigen's southwest coast.

Exhibit 2: Islands of the Great Sea

Note: This map represents the landmasses that are of importance in A Prison of Flesh. There are likely other small islands dotted throughout the Great Sea, but their distance relative to the major continents makes their inclusion into the overarching story unlikely.

Exhibit 3: Moa'rehnza

Note: Locations on this map will be of more importance in Book 3. The only two locations mentioned so far would be the Ruins at Yehntze and the Molten Eye on the Horn of Rehnza.