Congratulations to the Winners of the NGBM Giveaway

The Not Gods But Monsters giveaway at Goodreads has come to a close and we have our winners. I won't list their names here (because I'm not covered by any legalese found in the Goodreads user agreement), but hopefully they've already contacted you to advise you of your windfall.


If not... well, this will be a nice surprise for you.

As you can see, we already have them packed up for shipping (picture on the right). They come with an exclusive bookmark, also signed by the author (who just goes crazy with a pen if you let him). These will hit the post office Monday (11th) morning. Our winners should receive these in 5-7 business days (sooner depending on where you live).

If you didn't win, please stay tuned as we'll be doing more giveaways in 2018 for both books.