The Art of NGBM: Jehn and Kyote

To finish out the series of stylized character depictions for Not Gods But Monsters, here are the character illustrations for Jehn and Kyote.

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"Standing before a mirror hung opposite her bed, she brushed her shoulder-length reddish brown hair before dressing in a green blouse and canvas jeans. After breakfast, she would need to be on her way. She would have entertained the idea of skipping breakfast if she thought her aunt would allow it. This day had been long coming and she wanted to be sure to see O'mas off before he left the Vale for the north."

-- Not Gods But Monsters, Ch. 1

Character Illustration: Jehn Brumal

Ink and metallic marker on paper.

After I gave Jehn a scarf here, I figured I needed to write it into the book.

"In the last booth, located next to the storeroom, sat a single man of dark complexion with long brown hair and beard that hadn't been trimmed in some time, a half-dozen beer bottles spread out before him in varying states of emptiness. Thought the booth was built to seat four comfortably, and up to six as the group in the next booth proved not so comfortably, the unkempt patron sat alone, his darkened countenance preventing other patrons from drawing too close. Deep brown, almost black, eyes stared out at the tabletop with a dull, disaffected glare, from under his thick brow, split by a small scar that ran through his right eyebrow. When the light caught them just right, a spark of orange could be seen in outer edges of his irises."

-- Not Gods But Monsters, Ch. 7

Character Illustration: Kyote Kurttsen

Ink and metallic marker on paper.

Kyote went through enough changes of clothes that I decided to just go with a plain jacket. 

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