The Music of A Prison of Flesh (Part 2)

Unlike Book 1, where I tried to give each chapter its own playlist, I trimmed down the number of playlists to six. As stated in Part 1, this was because A Prison of Flesh did far less jet-setting. In fact, except for the first two chapters, large portions of the story are spread across multiple chapters. The first two lists here cover major portions of the story.

The Music of A Prison of Flesh (Part 1)

Much like with my first book, I assembled playlists to set a mood as I wrote A Prison of Flesh. This time around, though, instead of breaking them up by chapter, I chose to separate them by locale. Except for the first two chapters, this proved easier as the story this time around did far less "jet-setting" as there are multiple stretches anchored to the same location.

The Music of Not Gods... Chapters 01 and 02

As a part of the experience for creating Not Gods But Monsters, I spent time developing a "soundtrack" for each chapter, based on music that I felt best embodied the mood and themes of the chapter's content. The genres range from metal to techno to experimental and even elements of jazz and blues-influenced rock. Sometimes, the songs themselves were not representative of the musical act's body of work, but the mental images created while listening to the piece.