Maps of Tah'afajien

As a part of the world-building process that went into laying down the proper groundwork for a multiple-volume book series set in a believable world, I created a maps of the major cities/villages and topographical features for Not Gods But Monsters and its future sequels. This allows for believable references to locales that the story might not take the reader until later books.

The Art of NGBM: Flynn Earrele

The Art of NGBM: Flynn Earrele

In the development of not only the story of Not Gods But Monsters, but for the world building necessary for future sequels, I spent some time fleshing out the individuals in a visual medium. Below are a pair of illustrations done for the character Flynn Earrele. As you can see, there is as a bit of Peter O'Toole and Cary Elwes in the face.

The Byraelian Language: Creation

When laying down the groundwork for the world for Not Gods But Monsters, I had to take into consideration a number of elements that we take for granted and how they came to exist. Before any element--even one seemingly ancillary like the calendar--could be fleshed out, I found I had to develop the ancient Byraelian alphabet on which many of these elements hinged.